July 17, 2008

USA Pediatrician Donates Nelson's to Iraqi Pediatrician

Hi my name is Mike Lombardo. I am currently serving in the Balad area, Iraq, as a physician assistant. I have been corresponding with Valerie over the last few months in reference to OML. We have been working to create a permanent medical library at Balad Hospital. Prior to OML, it was merely an almost empty room with shelves.

The Iraqi providers send their thanks and appreciation to all whom had part in making this endeavor a success. I am sending a special thank you from Dr. Riyahd, the head of Pediatrics at the Balad Hospital, who before receiving a brand new copy of Nelson's Pediatrics from OML Coalition Board Member, Dr. Eyla Boies, was using photocopy pages of a 1996 edition of Nelson's as one of his primary sources of medical information.

Thanks again for making a difference in those less fortunate than us. Take care and God Bless, Mike (1 LT) Lombardo

Photo Courtesy of 1LT Michael Lombardo who is pictured with Dr. Riyadh


Elaine Lombardo said...

It is so rewarding to see a soldier
getting involved in something so positive in such a trying situation. Keep up the good work!
We love you all and pray for your safe return.
Elaine Lombardo

jay lombardo said...

Jay Lombardo.....

Its great to have a brother, servings the United States of America and doing such an
inspirational duty for those less fortunate than us Americans are...To all those serving!!! Thanks and God Bless All Of You
Jay Lombardo

Anonymous said...

Its so awesome to know that we have soldiers in our military that are so unselfish, that they will put their own needs aside, for others. One by one they are making a difference, for that i appreciated each and every one of them. So thank you,and a special thanks to Michael Lombardo for taking care of our soldiers, Im proud of you bro.. God Bless you all..