July 30, 2008

Kabul Medical University Receives Two Tons of Books

Pictured: LCDR Bradford Volk, MC USN presents the ceremonial book (donated by Dr. Frank Pratt, Medical Director of the Los Angeles County Fire Department) to Kabul Medical University Chancellor Qbaid

Pictured: LCDR Bradford Volk, MC USN distributes small handbooks called pharmacopeias to medical students rotating at the National Medical Hospital.

Pictures courtesy of LCDR Bradford Volk, MC USN, Physician Mentor-Afghanistan National Medical Hospital

Today, a team of U.S. military medical personnel went Kabul Medical University (KMU) to deliver over 2 tons of medical textbooks and journals for the university's library. The large majority of these materials were up to date, published within the last 10 years. KMU Chancellor Obaid accepted the ceremonial book from LCDR Volk. The ceremonial book was donated by Dr. Frank Pratt, the Medical Director of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Fifty medical students doing a rotation at the National Medical Hospital received pharmacopeias donated by Tarascon Publishing. These handbooks are what every MD/DO in the United States uses to dose medicine. Because books like these are not usually available in Afghanistan, doctors typically dose medicines off the top of their head and mistakes are common. As a result, incidents of toxicity can occur due to inappropriate dosing.

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