June 4, 2013

Comfort of Home Book Donation


Caring for someone with a chronic or debilitating illness can be deeply satisfying as well as uniquely challenging. Partners, family, and friends can be drawn more closely together when they meet these challenges. Yet, caregiving can also be physically and emotionally exhausting, especially for the person who is the primary caregiver. CareTrust Publications is pleased to partner with Operations Medical Libraries, who provides complimentary medical education recources to local and international health care organizations. Upon OML's recommendation, CareTrust Publications donated caregiver guides from The Comfort of Home caregiver series to Brentwood Presbyterian Church and Santa Barbara Vision Care Program, as well as Imagine Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan), Daeyung Luke Hospital (Malawi) and Sister Aklesia Memorial Hospital (Ethiopia).  www.comfortofhome.com

These guide books describe how to prepare for the task of caregiving. It shows how to set up a home in a safe and comfortable way for the person whose needs are changing and abilities are declining because of an illness and takes readers through every aspect of daily care. This may be as basic as activities of daily living, such as bathing or helping someone transfer from a chair to a bed, or as daring as traveling abroad with a person whose health is declining. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we frequently use illustrations throughout the guides.


May 22, 2013

SEE International Receives Donated Comfort of Home Books


From left to right, Randal Avolio, Surgical Eye Expendition (SEE) International President/CEO and Luis Perez, SEE International Director of Operations, receive caregiver guides from The Comfort of Home caregiver series www.comfortofhome.com. The books were donated by Care Trust Publications for Santa Barbara Vision Care Program (SBVCP).

SEE International provides sustainable medical, surgical, and educational services through volunteer ophthalmic surgeons with the objective of restoring sight and prventing blindness to disadvantaged individuals worldwide. It has successfully performed more than 400,00- sight-restoring surgeries since its founding in 1974 by Harry S. Brown, M.D., FACS.

In addition to working globally in developing countries, SEE International also has a program in Santa Barbara. Established in the late 1980s, SBVCP responds to the need of a substantial population in Santa Barbara County who live and work in the community and cannot afford basic medical care—including vision care—for themselves and their families. SBVCP provides comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, medications, and eye surgery at no cost to qualified patients who reside in Santa Barbara county. The SBVCP also collaborates with the Shepard Eye Center and the Kendall-Shepard Eye Center in Santa Maria and Lompoc, respectively.

Click Here to learn more about the program or print a flyer to share

SEE International's headquarters is in Santa Barbara, California.  

For more information, www.seeintl.org

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January 28, 2013

Doing Something That Matters

Everyone who has requested, donated, shipped, or accepted a book for Operation Medical Libraries (OML) has spent time doing something that matters. Here's a Lady Antebellum video with a message you can claim as your own. Thanks for being "here" for OML.

January 25, 2013

OML Expands Its Effects on Eastern Afghanistan

CPT Bettencourt at an Afghan Clinic discussing the anesthesia machine.
Photo courtesy of Esmeralda Linan, US Army
Introducing OML's newest POC: Troy Bettencourt at FOB GAMBERI, a Physician Assistant, who is serving as the Medical Advisor to the 1st Brigade of the eastern providence of the Afghan National Army. The clinic is the model for the providence so it would be especially helpful if they had applicable resources. All medical references will be shared with its Afghan partners for them to use in their medical facility.

Medical books should be sent prior to June 1, 2103 at the following address:
Troy Bettencourt
C Co. 27th BSB 4BCT 1CD
APO AE 09310


January 23, 2013

Special Request for Netter's Anatomy and Physiology Book

Afghan and US military and civilian personnel come together to talk the future of Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy of Esmeralda Linan, US Army

Esmeralda L. Linan is the medical advisor to the 201ST CORPS Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Surgeon, who is in charge of 4 Brigades in Eastern Afghanistan, which includes the provinces of Kapisa, Laghman, Nangahar, and Kunar. Educational resources with current information are needed to create a medical library. The ANA colonel has requested a copy of Netter's Anatomy and Physiology.  Please send it, as well as any other medical textbooks to before March 15 to:
Esmeralda Lina
APO AE 09310


January 22, 2013

First Shipment Arrives Naghlu, Afghanistan

Sergeant Niblick at the Aid Station with 2 of the books received in the first OML shipment to Naghlu, Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy of Michael Singleton, US Army


December 19, 2012

Good Will and Peace in Afghanistan


OML welcomes its newest POC: Michael R. Singleton, an Army physician assistant with with the Afghan National Army in Kapisa Province in Eastern Afghanistan. He is working closely with a physician and 7 physician assistants in the Afghan Army. There is a dire need for current (gently used, is fine) medical educational resources, specifically pharmacopieas, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and anatomy/ortho textbooks. CPT Singleton is associated with at least 5 other medical teams of similar size in the same dismal situation.
These books will improve the good will between the US and Afghanistan, as well as have a tremendous impact on the Afghan medical education and health care system.
The most economical shipping method is USPS Media Mail rate. All boxes require a US Customs form 2976-A. The forms and clear outside pouch are available at no charge at your local USPS branch/office.   Please limit boxes to 25 lbs each. If you would like to receive an electronic delivery confirmation, please indicate your request with a note with your email address in the shipment.
To ensure that the books arrive before he leaves his current assignment, please send prior to March 1, 2013.
Michael Singleton
Naghlu High Aid Station
HHC 2/7 CAV, 4BCT, 1CD
Naghlu High
APO AE 09354

In this season of miracles and hope for peace on Earth, thank you for giving the perfect "gift."