July 2, 2008

OML Donations Topple Ten Ton Target

Through the efforts and energies of the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy Medical Corps and the U.S. Air Force and Army Nurse Corps, over 10 tons of Operation Medical Libraries (OML) donations have been distributed to classified and unclassified locations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Classified locations cannot be disclosed because some of the towns still have prominent insurgent activity, and there is a need to ensure that the local doctors are not retaliated against. The following unclassified medical facilities have received OML donations:

203rd Corps ANA Regional Hospital (Afghanistan-U.S. Air Force)

345th Combat Support Hospital (Iraq-U.S. Army)

400 Bed Hospital of Herat (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

6th Annual Salah el Din Scientific Conference (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Afghanistan National Army Hospital in Gardez (Afghanistan-U.S. Air Force)

Afghanistan National Army Hospital in Mazae Sharif (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Afghanistan National Army Orthopedics (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Balkh Medical School (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Craig Joint Theater Hospital (Afghanistan-U.S Air Force & Army)

FOB Lightning (Afghanistan-U.S. Air Force)

FOB Lagman (Afghanistan-U.S. Air Force)

FOB Sykes (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Herat Regional Military Hospital (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Kabul Medical University (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Kabul Military Hospital (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Kandahar Regional Military Hospital (Afghanistan-U.S. Air Force)

Medical College of Herat (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Mazae Sharif School of Medicine (Afghanistan-U.S. Navy)

Tikrit Teaching Hospital (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Tikrit School of Medicine (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Salah ad Din General Hospital (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Salah ad Din Nursing High School (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Salah ad Din Provincial Drug Warehouse (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Salah ad Din Provincial Health Directorate (Iraq-U.S. Army)

Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team (Afganistan-U.S. Air Force)

A ton of thanks to all of the Operation Medical Libraries program partners. OML has permission to list the following:

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Golden West College-School of Nursing

Roy Kim , M.D.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Hand and Microvascular Surgery
San Francisco , California

David Marinoff, M.D. '79
High Risk Obstetrics
Berkeley, California

Providence St. Joseph Medical Center (Burbank, California)

University of California at Los Angeles

University of California at Irvine

University of California at San Diego

University of Texas HSC Dental School

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center


Anonymous said...

I have plenty of medical textbooks to donate but I am in the UK. Do you have any partner organisations over here that I can contact, please?

Anonymous said...

Please send your donations of books to Pakistan.
We through our registered NGO will give it to appropriate institutes.
Dr. Aakif Ullah Khan

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