May 14, 2010

OML Salutes Dr E.H. Munro Medical Library within St Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado

The Dr E.H. Munro Medical Library within St Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado is in the process of sending a large amount of journals, textbooks and software to the University of Health Sciences in Antiqua. The library is fortunate to currently have Tyler H., a young volunteer who is responsible for getting these items packed securely to survive the trip to Lyzette Roman, whose office is in Puerto Rico. Hopefully Ms. Roman has a 'large' office, as we have already sent 61 boxes of just journals, and will be sending textbooks and software when the volunteer gets them packed up. The challenge is finding enough smaller boxes, so this can all go by USPS at Library Media rate [which has a maximum of 70 lbs!!].

Mark McKenney, the medical librarian, managed to get four oncologist MDs to donate a large number of oncology journals that they had access to electronically via their various medical associations they belong to. Mark also contacted the local nursing education department at Mesa State College [also in Grand Junction, CO], and the faculty came up with several large boxes of textbooks/journals/software that were picked up on May 12 2010, and those will also be going to Antiqua.



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