April 16, 2010

OML POC Daughter Salutes Her Dad and Military in Song

For every deployed soldier there is a family left behind waiting for his/her safe return. One of the current OML POC's stationed in Kabul received a special song from his daughter, who wrote and performed We Salute You. She dedicated the song to her dad and all those deployed. The clip is on YouTube. We Salute You

Verse 1
To the men and women out there who stand for liberty-
To the ones who died in battle to make our country free-
To the families of veterans who fought for the truth-
To the mothers of young men who gave up their youth:

We salute you for this country we call free,
We salute you for the land of liberty,
We salute you for safety in the night.
We salute you for fighting for the right.

Verse 2
You have all fought so bravely, our thank you's not enough.
You risked your lives to protect us, you gave up so much.
But you did it for service to country and God
And you stood up for what you know is such a great cause.



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