July 18, 2011

OML Expands to Assist British Coalition Efforts

Operation Medical Libraries has received a request from a member of the British Forces, who currently works as a Paramedic supporting and training the Afghan police force. Below is a description of his assignment.

"My assignment is to work on medical development for the newly built medical centre for the police force. It's an isolated area currently with 1 x doctor 1 x nurse and 2 x medics. The infrastructure is fantastic, purpose built but they are lacking in the resource department. They are keen to study and develop their medical knowledge. we also have members going on medical courses and would like to do some pre reading before attending. Any medical literature relating to general practice, first aid, trauma and topographical would be welcome. I am currently deployed and will be here until December. My replacement will take over then but would still like to receive any donations." Darren

If you live in the United Kingdom and would like to support Darren's efforts, please send them to him at the following BFPO address at a date no later than October 15, 2011. Once OML has been notified of his replacement's name, another blog entry will be posted to notify our British supporters.

Darren Smith
Medical Centre
BFPO 798



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