September 22, 2008

7,000 Tons of Usable Medical Materials Discarded Daily in the U.S.

According to the Clinton Global Initiative, over 7,000 tons of usable medical materials and supplies are discarded every day in American hospitals and clinics. Most of these items are outright incinerated or deposited in land-fill.

The global impact of donating your medical textbooks will be immediate and lasting. The effect of change will be significant. The scope includes advancing medical education; improving health care; extending the productive life of a product made by cutting trees; and reducing the pressures on our land fill sites and the pollution from incinerators. Don't throw away knowledge. Pass it on to your medical colleagues! Make a global difference!

Current textbooks in the health sciences fields of dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, and physical therapy are needed, as well as anatomy and basic science books. Textbooks need to be new or gently used, contain current information, and published after 2001. For more information, please visit the
OML Website

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